How to get to Havasupai & Havasu Falls

How to get to Havasupai & Havasu Falls

So, you want to go to Havasupai and see the falls?  You’re not alone.  In fact, there are, literally, thousands of people that feel like you do.  Havasupai is one of those magical places that deserves to be on your bucket list. The challenge is that Havasupai isn’t as accessible as one might hope.  Not only is it a long, steep and dry hike, but the permit system is a pain in the pooper to deal with.  But once you’re down there, relaxing in the blue-green waters, it’ll all seem worth it. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about how to “do” Havasup... Read More >>

Things To Do in Arizona For Bowl Week

by Bruce Leadbetter So you’re coming into Arizona for the big game.  No doubt you’re proud as hell that your team made it!  We’re happy for you.  We’re also happy for us because we see this as an opportunity to show off how awesome our state is instead of the bad stuff you hear in the news.  FYI – we roll our eyes at our politicians too! Anyway, as professional guides and travel planners it should come as no surprise that people ask us for things to do when they visit.  They’re usually looking for secret, or lesser known, restaurants, vistas and experiences – you know, t... Read More >>

Twelve Tips for Smart Adventuring in Arizona

Twelve Tips for Smart Adventuring in Arizona

Arizona is a fantastic place to hike, bike, rock-climb, kayak, raft and canyoneer. It is one of the most beautiful places to adventure in the lower 48 and at the same time, one of the harshest and most unforgiving places to play. Every year far too many visitors get into trouble because they don’t follow some fairly simple tips.   I used to work as a rock climbing guide for 360 Adventures as well as a back packing and canoeing guide over the years. I now own a small business ( selling two-way radios to businesses and guide companies across the country. I am also a Preventive Search and Rescue volunteer for the Grand ... Read More >>

Ghost Stories and Legends

There is a local ghost story most Phoenicians’ do not know about. But was so widely talked about back in the late 1800’s that the New York Times wrote a story on it.  It is still said today that you can see the Squaw sitting at the entrance to the cave. The Weird Sentinel at Squaw Peak  (now known as Piestewa Peak) There is a cave under the highest butte of Squaw Peak range, Arizona, Where a party of Tonto Indians was found by white men in 1868. The white men were on the war-path, and when the Tonto fell into their hands they shot them unhesitatingly, firing into the dark recesses of the cavern, the fitful but... Read More >>

Leo the Lion

Hollywood comes to Payson Sources: Oral histories and articles by Frank Gillette and Ralph Fisher; article by Joseph Stevens in American West magazine, July/August 1985, page 23. Source: Payson Roundup written by Stan Brown   Although Hollywood film crews had filmed Zane Grey stories on location around Payson in the early 1920s, the year 1927 brought a new rush of Hollywood excitement with the arrival of the MGM mascot, Leo the Lion.   It was never anyone’s plan to bring Leo to Payson when the saga began in the late summer. The movie company had decided to fly their famous trademark lion from Califor... Read More >>

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