Good Cop - Bad Cop

February 14th, 2011 4:07pm

Good Cop vs. Bad Cop

The tale of two vines . . .

There are two vines prolific in Arizona - one is the Filaree and the other is the Puncture Vine.  Yes, both have latin names.  One is actually a gentle green ground cover that emerges sometime in February; the other is the bad cousin that just couldn't seem to play nice with others.


The Filaree has diminutive purple flowers and Mr. Puncture has yellow flowers.  The thing that makes Tribulus terristris suck so bad are its seeds.  They look like Grapenuts with sharp horns - like Satan created a breakfast cereal!  This single maniacle thorn has penetrated more bike tires than any single, other pointy thing.  Slime works great on them, but only for so long.


Be nice to one - eradicate every one you see in a landscaped environment!  Go . . .now!




Puncture Vine


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