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The bicycle.  We can’t think of any other word that reminds us more of childhood freedom.  Memories of ripping around the neighborhood with a big grin on our face, the wind in our hair, and our friends by our side.  The bicycle is probably the most liberating contraption on the planet.

What better way to explore an area than by bike?  Whether you’re looking for your next epic training ride or just want to check out the neighborhood, we’ve got the ride for you.  For “roadies,” we’ve got elite bikes and long ribbons of asphalt.  If you’re looking to explore the urban areas, enjoy a leisurely cruise with a great guide to point out the sights.  Join us for some two-wheeled adventure!



Scottsdale Road Biking - Half Day

Scottsdale Road Biking - Half Day

Guided road bike tours that are perfect for the avid cyclist, the visiting triathlete, or the casual road biker.  We'll tailor these rides to your abilities and preferences. 
Duration:  Half Day - 3-3.5 hours

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