Gettin' Hot

April 27th, 2011 3:03pm

So, it's gettin' hot again!  This time of year it always happens - the nights are beautiful and the days are perfect for sittin' by a pool.  But for anyone that's lived in the Phoenix area these are the days when we start hoping this summer won't be as bad as all of the past summers.  I can't think what "global warming" could mean to us!


Regardless, I look forward to summer.  Not because I can take advantage of the sun & get a tan - I burn only.  And not because I am a "heat baby".  No, I love the summers because it's when we get to take vacations & explore the higher elevations in the state!  I also love it because it's easy to get up and go for early morning rides when it's not dark & cold (Arizona cold, that is).  You see, in the summer the ONLY time I can get outside is the ass-crack of dawn.  And in the summer, this is at 4:30-5:00 a.m.  The rest of the year, the sun doesn't come up until past 7 and by that time I've already started my work day.


No, I love summer because it represents "vacation" like no other time of year.  It's also when we get to do all of our wet canyons.


See you outside.


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