Short Timer's Ailment

March 12th, 2011 5:57pm

So, I must confess . . .at this particular moment, I'm not really concerned with anything else, OTHER THAN RAFTING DOWN THE COLORADO RIVER, THROUGH GRAND CANYON!  Oh, don't get me wrong - I have PLENTY of duties to attend to!  For example, I run an adventure reservation shop inside a first class resort based here in Scottsdale.  I'm also the proud owner of a 2 acre property which grows an insurmountable amount of un-desired foliage.  Additionally, I'm supposedly heading up a company that caters adventure & memories to discerning guests and we're in the middle of our peak season.


Oh, and upon my return I'm getting married.  Yea, DAYS after I get back from the rafting trip I get to marry the woman that surpasses my dreams!


That's the hard part - knowing I get to marry the woman of NOT MY DREAMS, and I have a "trip of a lifetime" between here & there!


Wait!?  "NOT MY DREAMS"?  Yea, not my dreams . . .


When I was a little boy my dreams wrapped around a different model.  Then they changed.  Then changed again.  Oh, . . . then changed again.  By the time I met Tina I had no idea what I wanted, was not open to anything and swore off "love".  "Love" I thought, was for suckers!


And as the Smash Mouth song goes . . ."and then I saw her face, now I'm a believer!"


But right now, I have to think about a rafting trip.  I have 16 people (actually 27) for 16 days that are counting on me to make sure my T's are crossed and my I's are dotted.  There is no room for texting-text when planning a trip like this.  Thank goodness I have a second in command that is "rectally configured" (anal) about things and has lessened the load.


Luckily my goddess is more than qualified to take control of all that "IS" and will be at the helm of everything I think I'm in control of.


When I get back, I'm gonna be focused on a wedding, a busy season, a huge weed-growin' property (don't get excited), a honeymoon, purchasing more property . . . .


The life of a guide doesn't suck!  The life of the world's best guide doesn't suck even more!



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