Ground Tours

Arizona, the sixth largest state in the nation, has a lot of ground to explore!  Approximately 85% of the land in the state is public land - National Forest, National Park, or BLM land. 

You can explore our great state in many ways - on foot, bicycle, horseback, Tomcar, jeep, hummer, van or train.  Each lends a different perspective to the land.  We offer a selection of premier horseback riding, Tomcar and van tours which are sure to delight!

Ground Tours

Grand Canyon/Northern AZ


Sedona/Central AZ

Tucson/Southern AZ

  • Tombstone Day Tour
    • Travel back in time to the Wild West and see the gunfight at OK Corral.

We offer over 60 tours throughout Arizona. Have questions? Our Adventure Experts are waiting to help you.

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