Who is 360 Adventures?

360 Adventures was created in the spirit of discovery that we find we share with most of our guests.  As a young mountain biker gaining enthusiasm for his sport, Bruce Leadbetter wrote a business plan for an adventure tour company while attending Arizona State University, and thus a business was born.  Bruce's enthusiasm for all things adventure relating to his native state grew and grew, and became the company that 360 Adventures is today.  We still have that passion of anticpation for new adventures, and can't wait to share it with you!

Our tag line says it all: climb, ride, hike, explore.  360 Adventures creates memorable adventure vacations, exciting group events and effective teambuilding programs, all produced by people with a passion for the great outdoors.  From intimate half-day adventures to extravagant multi-day group events, we’ve got your adventure!  Low key or high octane, low desert or high country, novice to expert – there’s something for everyone.

Our people are the basis for our success.  360 guides are knowledgeable and passionate about their chosen activity, and have explored practically every corner of the state.  Their dedication will truly add value to your adventure experience – from expert advice in your chosen activity to colorful details about the surroundings.

Bruce Leadbetter has been guiding since age 14, when he helped his father on hunting trips.  Continuing to explore the outdoors both in the US and abroad with the Marine Corps, Bruce became the ultimate outdoorsman.  A self-diagnosed bicycling junkie, Bruce can often be found in the saddle, but his primary love is a nice long trip into the backcountry – ANY backcountry!  Backpacking and creating outstanding culinary experiences on the trail is his favorite pastime.

Well-known in the Arizona adventure scene, Bruce can be spied assisting with adventure in various television specials ranging from showing the Today Show’s Campbell Brown the ropes, rappelling a group of terrified contestants on Cold Turkey into a remote Northern Arizona canyon, or helping the Travel Channel scope a canyon or test out new gear.  A consummate ham, you may find him as the host of his very own food/adventure show sometime in the future!

Tina Behrens is Bruce’s partner in 360 Adventures and in life, and willingly follows him everywhere – at least once.  She moved to Arizona as an infant, and fell in love with the outdoors as a child.  Some of her fondest memories include family camping trips into Arizona's mountains & deserts.  As a little girl she participated in Indian Maidens, a YMCA kids program that focused on native Southwestern cultures.  Her love for nature is obvious if you spend even a moment with her outside.  She delights in anything "nature" and loves to observe all of God's creatures.

Tina's favorite outdoor pursuits include bicycling & roller blading, in addition to being a "water-baby".  In her previous life, before becoming an owner of 360 Adventures, you could find Tina at any of our lakes waterskiing, boating or jet-skiing.  It may have even occurred to her to pursue a professional career as a water-skier but her analytical mind won out and instead she decided to work in business.  Her other passion is accounting, finance and dealing with bureaucracy (seriously!).  Tina is an independent consultant to banks in the formation process, helping them navigate the treacherous waters of regulation and capitalization.

Tina's ability to focus on the minutia make her the perfect partner to Bruce.  She has the ability to immediately analyze the financial aspects of an event and is crucial in accurately estimating our programs.  Her work ethic is out-done only by her work stamina, being able to focus on a task until its completion.  She handles all of 360’s insurance, finance & permitting details, leaving the dreaming up to Bruce.  If you don't find her at her desk focused on keeping 360 profitable, you'll find her outside enjoying nature.

We offer over 60 tours throughout Arizona. Have questions? Our Adventure Experts are waiting to help you.

Phone: 480-722-0360

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