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Canyoneering Arizona

Nature's Ultimate Outdoor Obstacle Course

Discover Arizona's premier canyoneering destinations, featuring breathtaking landscapes and thrilling adventures. Traverse smooth granite slots and cascading waterfalls, rappelling into tranquil pools and swimming through serene slots. Witness towering cliffs and diverse terrain, from arid canyons to rushing streams, navigating via hiking, wading, swimming, and scrambling.

Embark on an unparalleled canyoneering journey, unlocking hidden treasures and geological marvels. With expert guides leading the way, explore canyons inaccessible to most, ensuring a safe and unforgettable experience amidst Arizona's stunning natural wonders and unparalleled geology.



Arizona Canyoneering - Dry

Arizona Canyoneering - Dry

This dry Arizona canyoneering adventure will have you hiking, rappelling, scrambling and sometimes rock climbing through one of our spectacular slot canyons (October thru March).
Duration: Approximately 3-5 hours in the canyon depending on group numbers and pace (not including transportation time).

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Arizona Canyoneering - Wet

Arizona Canyoneering - Wet

Wet Arizona canyoneering is a wet adventure wonderland.  You'll hike, wade, swim, scramble, rappel and maybe even cliff-jump through one of our amazing canyons.
Duration:  Approximately 3-5 hours in the canyon.

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