Canyoneering Arizona

Nature's Ultimate Outdoor Obstacle Course

In Arizona, Mother Nature has created some of the world's premier canyoneering playgrounds. Canyoneering Arizona is a great way to soak up the joy that this state has to offer. Smooth granite slots, pine forest pools, trickling streams, rushing waterfalls, weather-sculpted rock and steep cliff  faces await your adventure into their midst.

Imagine the sensation of touching opposite walls of a canyon rising 200 feet above you.  Or rappelling 40-80 feet into a pool where you swim through a silent slot, all while watching canyon wrens circle overhead.  While some canyons are dry, others are filled with rushing streams and cascading waterfalls.  At any given time, you might be hiking, wading, swimming, scrambling or rappelling through unique geological treasures.


360 Adventures holds permits to more canyons than any company in the Southwest.  And since many canyoneering destinations are out of reach for the average hiker, you'll enjoy many natural wonders with few distractions. When it comes to canyoneering, Arizona has treasures few other states can match.

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We offer over 60 tours throughout Arizona. Have questions? Our Adventure Experts are waiting to help you.

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