And time Marches on . . .

March 1st, 2011 4:59pm

Well, it's March in Arizona!  We're already famous for our sunshine, but this is the time of year when the sunshine is PERFECT.  There's nefariously scientific evidence to suggest that the Garden of Eden is in the Sonoran Desert during Spring!  Consider this - the nights are cool enough to wear a light jacket; mornings are brisk and the afternoons are toasty enough to relax by the pool with a margarita!  Hmmm . . .that's a good idea . . . I'll be right back - I'm going to get a margarita and return to writing this blog.  You'll be able to tell how strong the margarita is by how well I construct sentences . . .


Ok, I didn't have margarita mix, so instead I squeezed some oranges from a couple of my Arizona Sweet Orange trees and made a Raspberry Sunrise.  This is tequila, orange juice and Chambord.  Mostly tequila, actually . . .this is going to be a short blog.


If you were to visit Arizona, in March, for the first time you'd probably have some kind of life altering moment.  This is the weather that makes people move here.  Here's how it works - you come for spring break as a kid, with your parents.  You try a few adventures and maybe even see Grand Canyon.  Oddly enough it doesn't make much of an impression on you because you're more concerned with zits & chicks (hey, this is the 2000's - I can be talking to anyone).  Twenty years later you think back to that incredible vacation to Arizona and want to re-visit.  So you do . . . with your kids, during spring break.


Well, that's it!  This area is arguably the best place you've ever visited!  "KIDS!", you exclaim; "we're moving here!".  And you do, in May after the kids' school year ends.  You show up in Phoenix and quip "damn, it's a bit warmer than I remember".  It's around mid-July when you exclaim that you didn't know Arizona was so much closer to the sun than ANY PLACE ON THIS EARTH.  Oddly enough, it doesn't make much of an impression on you because you're more preoccupied with your kids; and remember that there is March to look forward to.


It's here - revel in the days!  Time Marches on and the memories you create during an Arizona spring will change your life!


I promise - just ask me and I'll prove it!


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