A vacation for the vacation makers

April 14th, 2011 12:15pm

People often ask me about what I do on vacation?  They usually assume that I try to find the most bizarre or adrenaline-inducing activity on the planet.  For example, have you seen the new videos of people flying in squirrel suits?  Or how about the para-skiing (actually, that looks fun).  Most of our clients, that I am fortunate to guide, assume I'm an adrenaline junkie.


Only part of that assumption is true.  I do enjoy adrenaline, but as I get into my "adult" years I like not-being-hurt even more.  True, a minor injury sustained in pursuit of adventure is actually like a badge of honor.  But we can't assure that the boo-boos would only be minor!  And with the recuperation time being about 700 times as long as a typical 18 year old, even those that need a kiss to feel better have the potential to sideline me for days.


What I love to do is get the heck out of Dodge?  Why?!  Because the only time I can justify taking a vacation is in the summer and the last thing I want to do is lounge around in the Hell-Oven-Africa heat.  I know that some of you are thinking to yourselves "but didn't you just go rafting down the Colorado River, in Spring?"  True, I did.  And I did catch a lot of poop over it from Tina.  Apparently we were busier this past spring than ANY previous.  Also, I wasn't "on-vacation" . . . I was technically the "leader" of the cats.  There was quite a bit of herding going on.  I didn't get much time to relax . . .especially near Hermit Rapid.


Anyway, what do I like to do on vacation - nothing.  I love to go DEEP into the forest, either by foot or by car, and plop myself down with a good book.  Very few activities allow you to totally escape as much as a good book & a patch of trees.  Then, when I've had my fill of nothing, I race back to "the world" and ease back into the world of adventure . . .


Life REALLY doesn't suck!


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