Arizona Hiking

Why hire an Arizona hiking guide?  Anyone with a curious 5 year old can answer that question: What's that lizard? What's that cactus? What's that bug? Can I touch it?  Sure, guide books can tell you about popular places. But they can't share the secrets, narrate stories and, more importantly, answer your questions.

You'll benefit from our guides' experience - they've hiked thousands of miles throughout Arizona! They know the terrain, as well as local flora and fauna, history and geology, myth and lore. So whether you want to hike for exercise, enjoy a picnic in Grand Canyon, practice photography amidst the Red Rocks of Sedona or learn survival & primitive skills in the Sonoran Desert, our guides will get you there and deliver an experience you won't soon forget.  

Decide where you want to go and we'll take care of the rest!  Select from hikes in:


Grand Canyon/ Northern Arizona:

Sedona/Central Arizona:

Tucson/Southern Arizona:

Coming soon!



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