Rock Climbing Arizona

Whether you're brand new to the sport or have the climbing skills of a gecko, you'll find the perfect adventure waiting for you.  Arizona offers outdoor rock climbing challenges for all abilities, with a wide variety of routes on a range of rock types and formations.  Each tour is tailored to your preferences and abilities, and all climbing adventures are private, so no other people will be added to your group. Your guide will give you the personal attention you deserve, while showing you all the fun rock climbing Arizona has to offer.

Choose a full-day or half-day climb and enjoy spectacular views and vast landscape vistas.   There are no age limits for climbers.  All climbers must be able to access the climbing routes and fit into our gear.  Comfortable clothing that allows for a range of motion is recommended.  Approach or athletic shoes are recommended for the hike to all climbing areas.

Select a half-day or full-day Arizona rock climbing adventure:


Interested in learning valuable outdoor climbing skills?  Try our instructional course:



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